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Director of the Centre for Economics and Social Policy at Universidad Mayor (Chile) whose aim is to conduct multidisciplinary research in social sciences on issues of economic and social development, inequality and human well-being. Researcher at the Centre for Social Conflict and Cohesion Studies (COES) in the research line socioeconomic determinants of conflicts, world fellow of the World Inequality Database ( and member of the board of the National Foundation for the Overcoming of Poverty (Fundación Nacional para la Superación de la Pobreza). Former president of the Pension Advisory Council, a position appointed by president Michelle Bachelet, also former member of the Presidential Advisory Commission on the Pension System 2014 - 2015, president of the Advisory Committee on Networks and Social Cohesion 2015 and member of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Labor and Equity 2007- 2008. She was awarded the Eduardo García D'Acuña Award for academic excellence and social commitment at Universidad de Chile, the Stevensson Prize Award for the best performance in M.Phil in Economics at Cambridge University and obtained several scholarships, including the Gates Cambridge Scholarship. Her research areas are development economics (birth order, sibling sex composition, family structure, marriage dissolution, prosocial behaviour), economics of education (social return of education, public/private performance gaps, financing of higher education, education and infant health), labor economics (discrimination, beauty, informality, unemployment insurance, gender gaps), welfare economics (poverty, time poverty, intergenerational mobility, inequality, top incomes) and urban studies (segregation, land rent). Claudia holds a Ph.D in Economics from the University of Cambridge.

"Understanding how to fight poverty and inequality has always been the main thought in my academic study. In my future career as an academic, I hope I will be able to contribute to the discussion of policies that can help to create a more equal and just society"

My statement for Gates Cambridge Scholarship in 2001.


Centre for Economics and Social Policy Universidad Mayor

Avenida Manuel Montt 318, Providencia

Santiago, Chile